Al's Blog:  Enter at your own risk

The Writer as Marketer                                            Monday August 12, 2013


Even more difficult than writing a novel, or even a short story, is the marketing of that creative work.  This is especially true when one such as myself is not a great or eager

self-promoter.  Yet, I am now an active self-promoter and marketer (Thank you Professor Doug Quintal and the brilliant students of his Capstone classes at Emerson College).  All I can do at this point is have fun with it.  So stand back because here comes the barrage on Facebook, Twtter, Instagram, and Vine.  Only 900,000 more copies of "Summer to Fall" need to be sold and I can quit my host of day jobs.  That may not be a good thing for the planet, however.  One of my goals for retirment is to resurrect my cowpunk band, Chip Syhlloid and the Bunker Hillbillies.  You've been warned.