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Summer to Fall


In this gritty and humorous novel, twenty-five year old Cam Preston tries to navigate the riptides of change coursing through the coastal town of Laurel, Maine.


It should have been easy:  Cam and his family would lay his grandmother to rest by releasing her ashes into the waters off of Gray Gull Beach.  But the boat pivots at just the wrong moment and her remains are blown back onto the deck.  Cam does not fail to see the symbolism.  The four years he’s spent working as a carpenter since graduating from college are considered “extended summer” by his parents.  And his Boston-based girlfriend is auditioning more upwardly mobile prospects. 


When Cam takes a chance on a job turning the derelict bait shed on Laurel Harbor Pier into an upscale restaurant for a trust fund-fed artist and her bartender ex-boyfriend, he’s propelled into a summer where even his best decisions seem to only stave off disaster.   


The York Coast County Star noted that Albert Waitt’s short fiction focuses on characters that “endure and look forward,” a theme carried on in  Summer to Fall.




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“After enduring yet another winter and outlasting a spring that is more wind-swept rain than sunshine and daisies, a resident of Maine cannot help but view summer as a kind of savior.  It’s a time when good things will happen, a season of promise.  For the characters of this novel, set on the coast in the tourist town of Laurel, this is the summer.  Finally, possibilities dreamed about are within reach.”

 –Albert Waitt, author of Summer to Fall 


When two teenage sisters go missing from a backwoods shantytown, Laurel, Maine's easy-going police chief Tim Nichols’ summer of patrolling beaches and leading parades is over.  His desperate search for the girls takes him from seaside bars and million dollar estates to abandoned farms and run-down shacks.  As Nichols races to piece together the girls’ disappearance, he realizes that doing so may tear the façade off his picture perfect town.

Publication Date:  January 2023

Under Contract:  The Ruins of Woodman's Village