The Ruins of Woodman's Village contracted by Level Best Books

The Ruins of Woodman's Village has been contracted for publication by noted mystery publishers Level Best Books.  The crime novel, set in 1986 Maine, is the first release in a series based on small town Police Chief LT Nichols.  A publication date of January 2023 is expected.

Critical Response and Media Coverage for
Albert Waitt and Summer to Fall

"Place is destiny for the characters in Albert Waitt’s funny and fast-moving debut novel, set in a not-so-sleepy Maine summer town. Waitt writes with vivid authority and no small amount of compassion for his underdog protagonist, who struggles to find meaning and make a life for himself even as the odds against him mount." 

--Kristin Waterfield Duisberg, author of The Good Patient


“Albert Waitt knows just the right way to describe the heart of a small Maine town—by allowing us to witness the embarrassing transgressions, insidious injustices, undisclosed romances, petty rivalries, and satisfying triumphs. SUMMER TO FALL understands this place and its people so well, you can’t help but want to blend right in.”

 --Lewis Robinson, author of Water Dogs and Officer Friendly and Other Stories.


"In this engaging and ultimately fulfilling novel, Albert Waitt demonstrates deep empathy for characters we glimpse all too rarely in contemporary fiction: tough guys and girls who are complex in their desires and dreams.   We can't help but identify with and root for them."

--Christopher Castellani, author of All This Talk of Love


"Nice images are among the many strengths of SUMMER TO FALL along with a carefully plotted and thought through narrative, some distinctive characters, and lots of very well crafted sentences. Cam's tension during his stressful summer construction project is palpable and leaps off the page.  ...SUMMER TO FALL tells a compelling story..."

--Alexandra Bowie, IndieReader


Headline:  Strikingly familiar: Plot, characters in Port author's first book have locals guessing

--Casey Conley, York County Coast Star


"Waitt accurately depicts town life, especially in a small, east coast village. Waitt has a talent for capturing human life in its simplicity.   SUMMER TO FALL is an easy, enjoyable read..."

--Nicole Green, The Portland Book Review




Albert Waitt discussing "Summer to Fall" on the Maine Menu with Michelle Wakem